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Connection to : nature


This was a hidden gem and definitely off the beaten path. It was very meditative to have the sounds of the roaring water in the background. The soothing sounds of the trees blowing in the wind, combined with the water flowing by us, made for a spectacular experience.


This was a gorgeous day so people were out on the canal fishing, biking and walking. We had a few good ideas of exactly where to do the video and settled on this one with the boat and water in the background.

Fallen trees

Shedding some light on the massive amount of trees used every day. I do believe there was a recycling story behind why these trees were cut down, I will have to ask Lorraine because I cannot remember.

The river forest

On our return from Durbuy we could shoot this video in the forest. Capturing the sounds of the nearby stream.
Water noise!

In the middle of nowhere

In the hay fields. Even though their were no people around this one was challenging because the weather wasn’t so good and we had to carry the table for awhile to find a spot we liked. But the effect of being lost “in the middle of nowhere” is all the more real.


Time to do an exchange. The massage therapist gets massaged in this video. It was a very special video for Lorraine. She liked the idea of switching roles and didn’t have to stay hidden under the table. We had actually already made a video in exactly the same place at the start of this project.

The trailer

Super fun video to make. We are in Houtain-Le-Val and had to logistically set things up as cars and tractors were driving past us. But luckily we picked a secluded street so was not too problematic. We had to plan this video a little more, to be able to take André (driver of the day) and his trailer on our little adventure.

The Lake

Creating an optical illusion with this one. We found a beautiful, quiet and remote lake. What cannot be seen is that if you stepped one foot too far to the left you would drop off the ledge and into the water. This made it slightly more interesting in being mindful of foot placement.

Outdoors with the cows

Having a moment connecting with some dairy cows at a small organic farm in our neighborhood. It was memorable because I think it was towards the end of the cows lunchtime so it took them a long time to come out and play. But the wait was worth it, their curiosity had us all laughing.
music : Sam playing guitar

The Fountain of Durbuy

I love the expression of the lady that walks past us. Totally makes these public outdoor massage videos worth doing! This was also very memorable because just a few days after shooting this video, Belgium was affected by days of rain which caused massive flooding throughout the country. The exact spot of this video was literally underwater.
music : Bin Skully

The Path

A behind-the-scenes look at how we get prepared for a video. I think this was the beginning of when we decided to pay close attention to the symmetry of the camera, table and background scenery. We started to appreciate how visually pleasing it was to have everything line up.

Playing with horses

Part of the series we did at the stables. It was such a peaceful energy as the horses interacted with us. These magnificient creatures bring so much joy and tranquility, we were honored to share the space with them.
music : Robin Scott Fleming

Our summer bike tour

Thanks to ‘Welcome To My Garden’ we had an interesting bike tour around Durbuy, meeting amazing people like Stéphanie, Arnaud and their daughters. One of them, Margaux played a piano piece for us, that was taught to her by a previous guest of ‘Welcome to My Garden’.

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