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Castle in Durbuy

On our bike tour through Durbuy. It’s always fun being out in public especially in very touristic areas, as we watch people walking and commenting on what we are doing.

Little street near the Collégiale

The sun provided us with amazing light this day. It was also the beginning of creating more symmetrical shots, which made us want to keep the table parallel when shooting. And it was also a first in a city, with people walking past us.

Hot air balloons

We were like storm chasers for this super fun video. We were actually on our way to a concert and we looked up and saw these 3 hot air balloons flying much lower than normal. We luckily had the massage table in the car so decided to find a good spot to make the video. A pure coincidence.
We had imagined doing a video with a few hot air balloons before, but getting them so close and managing to settle in before they passed us a real challenge. It was so quick that Lorraine even kept her shoes on.
And all this took place as the farmer was driving his tractor next to us.

The Galery

This was great and intense, being so much in public, but after it was finished, we felt like a job well done. It was interesting to see the looks of the people as the watched us and Lorraine even heard them making amusing comments especially since we were kind of blocking the walkway.


The day was hot and full of people since the sun was out, but we found a parking spot just beside where we took this video. A little Belgian pride for Lorraine in making this video. The Atomium plus another Belgian symbol we used as a soundtrack: Sandra Kim, the heroine of her childhood who won the Eurovision Song Contest for Belgium in ’86.
Even though it looks like we have the site to ourselves, it was quite crowded that day. A family asked Lorraine to take pictures of them while I set up the table.

In the middle of the street

Enjoyed this one as the cars drove past us and there was also a group of people having a barbecue next door who had a good time laughing and watching us film this video. We couldn’t find the exact place we wanted to do the video so we opted on putting the table in the middle of traffic.

Japanese garden

In a Japanese garden. I really love how the lines of the house and the table match up nicely. Everything about this video was aesthetically pleasing to us. Since we were on a family vacation we had time and no stress to get a really good shot.

The trailer

Super fun video to make. We are in Houtain-Le-Val and had to logistically set things up as cars and tractors were driving past us. But luckily we picked a secluded street so was not too problematic. We had to plan this video a little more, to be able to take André (driver of the day) and his trailer on our little adventure.

Big Wheel

This was a special one for me because I had my daughter playing the recorder.
Brussels looks very peaceful from this angle…a few cars, a scooter, a man on the bench next to us asking when is his turn.


We are on a mission to get the right video at this particular airport next to our house. This was the second try and was ok but we are patiently waiting for a better flight pattern of the planes. So keep watching and I am certain we will succeed.

Outdoors with the cows

Having a moment connecting with some dairy cows at a small organic farm in our neighborhood. It was memorable because I think it was towards the end of the cows lunchtime so it took them a long time to come out and play. But the wait was worth it, their curiosity had us all laughing.
music : Sam playing guitar

The Train Ride

We timed this one perfectly by getting set up just before the train came flying by us. We are sure the passengers were amused to see us as they made their commute into work or where ever they were going. The contrast was very visible between the slow vibe of the massage and the fast speed of the train rushing past.

Playing at the Plaza

This was a challenging one not because of doing the massage but the set up required to pull it off. We had to find a parking nearby so as not to half to walk far with the table. Also with so many people walking around and looking at us, it was a little uncomfortable in the beginning. But then the curious reactions and smiles we received made it all worth it.
music : Alexander Frey playing organ

The Fountain of Durbuy

I love the expression of the lady that walks past us. Totally makes these public outdoor massage videos worth doing! This was also very memorable because just a few days after shooting this video, Belgium was affected by days of rain which caused massive flooding throughout the country. The exact spot of this video was literally underwater.
music : Bin Skully

Lockdown massage

This massage was in a way very political because it was during the covid lockdown and their was a curfew. So we decided to be a bit reckless and do a video infront of the neighborhood pub. Since most everyone was indoors their was no car traffic on the streets so even though it was not too late it still felt like a seen of a zombie apocolypse movie.
music : Alexander Frey playing organ

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